Here is a preliminary listing of rare and above units from each faction based on an incomplete collection. Please add more units as necessary. For more information on units, seach for these names in the auction hall.


Full list of Agartha units as a table

Einherjar (Rare)

Prophet (Rare)

Bastion (Rare)

Fissure (Rare)

Carpenter (Rare)

Tinker (Rare)

Digger (Rare)

Python (Rare)

Black Widow (Rare)

Fracture (Rare)

Training Mech A (Rare)

Cricket (Rare)

Chimera (Rare+)

Rampart (Rare+)

Dragoon (Rare+)

Minotaur (Rare+)

Cicada (Rare+)

Crawler (Rare+)

Tiamat (Ultra)

Cerberus (Ultra)

Widowmaker (Ultra)

Silverback (Ultra)

Ymir (Ultra)

Doomsday (Ultra)

Gasman (Ultra)

Hardrock (Ultra)

Manta (Epic)

Dynamite (Epic)

Scourge (Epic)

Brawler (Epic)

Vortex (Epic)

Acheron (Epic)

Weta (Legendary)

Custodian (Legendary)

Baron (Legendary)

Rhino (Legendary)

Beast (Legendary)

Gatecrasher (Legendary)

Golem (Legendary)


Full list of Troy units as a table

Scout (Common+)

Sniper (Rare)

Kodiak (Rare)

Eos (Rare)

Hunchback (Rare)

Vanquish (Rare)

Centaur (Rare)

Defiance (Rare)

Tactical HQ (Rare)

ROC (Rare)

Albatross (Rare)

Providence (Rare)

Commander (Rare)

Marine (Rare)

Training Mech T (Rare)

Corpsman (Rare)

Earthquake (Rare+)

Repair Dock (Rare+)

Typhoon (Rare+)

Titan (Rare+)

Vulcan (Rare+)

Orbital (Rare+)

Trojan (Rare+)

Tracker (Rare+)

Corporal (Rare+)

Watchman (Rare+)

Roughneck (Rare+)

General (Ultra)

Slayer (Ultra)

Provocateur (Ultra)

Black Ops (Ultra)

Warchief (Ultra)

Recoil (Ultra)

Red Eye (Epic)

Landslide (Epic)

Garuda (Epic)

Roadblock (Epic)

Nighthawk (Epic)

Wallaby (Epic)

Everest (Legendary)

Sentinel (Legendary)

Trample (Legendary)

Citadel (Legendary)

Poltergeist (Legendary)

Rodeo (Legendary)

Crusader (Legendary)

Barracks (Legendary)


Apocalypse (Rare)

Cadence (Rare)

Dominion (Rare)

Frenzy (Rare)

Lancer (Rare)

Loyalty (Rare)

Martyr (Rare)

Phoenix (Rare)

Solstice (Rare)

Voltaire (Rare)

Archer (Rare)

Training Mech P (Rare)

Andromeda (Rare+)  

Cygnus (Rare+) 

Paradise (Rare+)

Sentry (Rare+)

Saber (Rare+)

Stellar (Rare+)

Pylon (Rare+)

Ghast (Rare+)

Interceptor (Rare+)

Wasp (Rare+)

Cirrus (Rare+)

Halcyon (Ultra)

Ion (Ultra)

Messiah (Ultra)

Slipstream (Ultra)

Lyra (Ultra)

Pulse (Epic)

Stratus (Epic)

Symphony (Epic)

Furies (Epic)

Tempo (Epic)

Razor (Epic)

Surge (Legendary)

Peregrine (Legendary)

Ripple (Legendary)

Shiva (Legendary)

Orion (Legendary)

Watcher (Legendary)

Glory (Legendary)


Leviathan (Rare)

Silkwurm (Rare)

Nabau (Rare+)

Kloc (Rare+)

Drakon (Ultra)

Gnash (Ultra)

Urk (Ultra)

Noctos (Epic)

Vorg (Epic)

Scylla (Epic)

Fenris (Epic)

Fistler (Epic)

Apollyon (Legendary)

Deshaka (Legendary, retired)

Slardos (Legendary, retired)

Pteron (Legendary, retired)

Kractus (Legendary, retired)

Talyst (Legendary)

Nidos (Legandary)

Bahl (Epic)

Groog (Epic)

Apos (Legendary)

  • Note: Since the recent "New Legends" update, epic and legendary unit cards cannot be sold and therefore cannot be found in the auction hall.

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