Quests - the only source of experience points, as well as the opportunity to get a decent amount of gold.

After 26/07/2013 added "Hard Mode" - equal quest, but more energy cost.

Quest ListEdit

1. Into The Woods

2. Earthshakers

3. Abandoned Outpost

4. Exploring the Mines

5. A Hole to the Unknown

6. The Vaults of Shadows

7. The Sands of Fear

8. Enter the Badlands

9. Flee to the Canyons

10. Infiltrating the Marsh

11. Slogging through the Swamp

12. The Bogs

13. The Moonlit Beach

14. Tropical Graveyard

15. The Abyss

16. Big Game Hunters

17. Heart of Darkness

18. Jungle's Ghosts

19. Descending the valley

20. Death's Pass

21. Up to the summit

22. The Frozen Wastelands

23. An Icy Grave

24. The Cold Ascent

25. Monster Factory

26. Guerilla Warfare

27. Urban Dangers

28. Defending the Base

29. Operation Homefront

30. Sky Fighting

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